About Me

Hello, my name is Lily, I’m 15 years old and from England. I first had the idea for a travel blog when I was reading an article on Buzzfeed and suddenly the thought came to me; I love travelling, so why not write about it? I’m fairly good at writing too so I thought a blog was perfect for me.  

My blog, titled teenstravels, will tell the story of my adventures around the globe. At aged 15, I do consider myself fairly well-travelled, however I have by no means seen and done everything and this blog will document all of my past and future travels. 

I do hope you find pleasure in what I write, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you my many experiences in the hope to entertain, inspire and bring joy.

Thank you my fellow teentravellers


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. claudiacalori

    hey Lily,
    well done on your first post, well written and lively! You certainly enjoyed Amsterdam and you captured many features of it! It is a long read so for the future you might choose to either have one only post to capture all your experience or to cut it in little bites, describing different aspects of your visit. The beauty of writing a blog is that you can decide the size and form of what you write…Pics are really nice and they also make the story more lively; do not worry about low resolution, it makes it more ‘yours’. Good luck with your writing, I enjoyed reading your piece a lot and I look forward to reading others.



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